Constant Lighting

LED Lighting Designers & Manufacturers

Constant began doing business under conventional lighting systems of fluorescent tubes and metal halides for many years, but realised introducing efficient LED lighting into office space and factory floors was a better alternative. However, while larger buildings and new builds often benefit from an integrated approach of consultants and designers to optimise lighting systems, we noticed this wasn’t the case for between large and small buildings; often relying on third-party information through their electrician and leading to sub-optimal lighting solutions.

Constant Lighting was launched to meet this gap in the market – providing an integrated design approach required for creating efficient and effective lighting solutions, which are suited to a company’s needs. As a company established in 1970, Constant Lighting offers a unique product designed and manufactured in Oldham, giving peace of mind to our customers. The exciting bit; not only can good lighting improve operational efficiency but we have customers with proven reduced electrical consumption by up-to 70%.




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