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Manchester’s largest subcontract supplier of precision sheet metal parts, components, and fully assembled pieces
Constant Group is a 60,000ft2 manufacturing site, based in Oldham, Greater Manchester. Employing over 80 people we offer a full-service package through every stage of the production process—all under one roof.

Design to delivery

As a full-service solution for sheet metal sub-contracting, we can facilitate every stage from design to delivery for your next project.

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An experienced team of design engineers allows us to bring added value manufacturing to your project from the outset.

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From design to prototyping to make sure you’re happy with the product, and that we’ve made it as efficient for batch or mass production as possible.

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Our large multifaceted manufacturing site can accommodate one-off to mass production runs on your project including assembly.

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A fleet of wagons and vans allow us to deliver locally in the North West as well as nationwide deliveries, often next working-day.

British manufacturing

High street to your street

You’ll have passed a Constant cabinet walking the dog, picked a product off a shelf that we fabricated, or eaten a meal-deal sandwich prepared on the food processing units we manufactured. That’s because Constant is woven into British telecom, medical, food and industrial infrastructure.