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Constant Group can precision laser cut on-site using state-of-the-art sheet metal laser cutting technology with our ByStronic laser cutter


Sheet metal laser cutting

Laser cutting is the modern way to cut and manufacture from sheet metal due to the unrivalled benefits and cost savings to both us the manufacturer and you the client. As there are no tooling costs, and therefore no outlay, we can produce small batch runs that would sometimes be unthinkable using traditional techniques with a punch machine.

With our experienced CAD design team, they can quickly and efficiently set up a flat pattern, send it over to the fibre laser cutter, and have a prototype ready in a matter of hours.

Our BySprint fibre laser cutter can cut a range of sheet metal including brass, steel, and aluminium, in thicknesses ranging from 0.5mm to 20mm with an accuracy of under +/-0.1mm. The new fibre laser is over three times faster than our previous laser cutter and offers superior tolerances, programming capability and cutting with no burrs.

The quick, clean and lean manufacturing process of our fibre laser cutter mean with its integrated automation results in a reduction on manual handling and labour costs.

  • High precision fibre laser cutting power
  • Quick prototype and short batch turnaround for all types of products from metal enclosures to ventilation cover plates
  • We can cut up to 3000x1500mm metal sheet
  • Can cut sheets up to 20mm in thickness for mild steel, 15mm for stainless steel and 15mm for aluminium
  • We can cut a wider range of tube and sheet metal including stainless steel, aluminium, brass and copper

Our Bystronic 3015 Fibre Laser Cutter

Housed in unit 1, our Bystronic 3015 Bysprint, equipped with ByTrans Extended automated sheet loader is the latest in laser cutting technology.

It can load, cut, and unload a piece of sheet metal into cut parts in under a minute, autonomously. The laser cutter can cut a range of materials, flexible or flimsy, with great precision without the need for machine operator intervention or clamping as laser cutting is a non-contact process.


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