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Sectors we service

From pharmaceutical feeder funnels for mass production to 6G telecom cabinets and poles you drive past on your commute to work, we’ve been manufacturing parts and products for British brands since 1970.

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Cabinets and enclosures

You may not have known it, but you’ve likely walked past a ‘Constant Cabinet’ in your neighbourhood.

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Extensive experience manufacturing enclosures, cabinets, and brackets for a diverse range of network operators, system integrators and global telecom OEMs.

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Medical and pharma

We’ve worked with various cosmetic, dental and medical companies in both the private and national sectors.

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Food processing

We understand the food sector, and the requirements for meticulous cleanliness, accuracy, and quality.

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Industrial and infrastructure

Constant Group is heavily involved in the industrial sector with component parts for factory shop floor machines to air conditioning and ventilation units.

Brands we've worked with